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How to Pick Your Wedding Date

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October 5, 2020


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Hi there! Welcome to my blog. Here I'll share about my favorite weddings, sessions, and wedding planning tips. So glad you stopped by!

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Picking your wedding date probably feels like the most important decision to make right now, as seemingly every other decision is based on it!

Knowing what season you’ll be getting married in is crucial for picking your color palette and attire, while having a specific date is going to be important for booking vendors!

However, contrary to popular belief, being dead set on a date should not be your first course of action! Before picking a date, I would recommend coming up with a few dates that you’re interested in so that you have a bit more flexibility as you narrow down your vendors.

If your dream venue or dream vendor is unavailable on your date, you’ll be devastated! The best way to pick your date is to narrow down 3-4 dates, and then reach out to your venue and favorite vendors first, to find a date that works for everyone.

I’m going to share exactly how to narrow down those 3-4 dates!

First Things First: How Far Out Should My Wedding Date Be?

This is one of the first questions you’ll want to consider when picking your date! According to, the average engagement is 12-18 months long, and this is largely due to the fact that planning a wedding takes time! If you’re planning a full, traditional wedding, you will ideally want at least 12 months to properly plan. 

With that being said, if you are planning a wedding with less time, don’t panic! It can still be done, but you will want to make decisions on dates and vendors quickly, as the best vendors calendars tend to fill up at least a year or more out.

If you’re planning a smaller elopement, you can get away with 6 months or less, but keep in mind that your vendor and venue options will be more limited with a shorter timeline. You also will need to get your dress ordered ASAP if you’re wearing one!

Consider Work/School

If you’re in school, you will want to be mindful of your schedule, as you will most likely want some time leading up to and after your wedding to prepare and enjoy! If you know you have summers and holidays off, then a July or December wedding may be your best bet. 

Keep in mind, if you have a narrower date range that you can work with, you will want to get your venue and vendors booked ASAP!

Check With Closest Family/Friends

Those closest to you will most likely have some impact on your wedding date. Before putting down your deposit on a venue or with your vendors, be sure to make sure your wedding party and closest family members are available for your date! 

After you pick your date, you’ll want to start thinking about an engagement session as well so you can get your “Save The Dates” out, to ensure those you love will have your date on their calendar!

Pick Your Season

If you’re absolutely in love with pumpkin spice and all things Fall, then you may want to look at an October wedding, while if you love the idea of getting married around Christmas, then December is for you! I think you get the point… 

Picking your wedding date will also mean picking a wedding season, and your wedding season is going to have a big impact on what wedding colors and decorations you choose.

Decide the Dates You DON’T Want

Another great way to narrow down your wedding dates is to pick the dates you DON’T want. This could be an anniversary with an ex (yikes!), the weekend before tax day, or simply a holiday weekend that you know your best friend already has her wedding planned for! 

Thinking of these dates in advance and writing them down will keep you from accidentally making a scheduling mistake!

Think Important Dates…

On the other hand, there may be some special dates you DO want to get married on! Whether that’s the anniversary of when you started dating, the day you met, or your grandparents wedding date, picking dates that are special to you is a great way to narrow things down.


If you’re working on a budget, it’ll be helpful to know which months are more affordable, and which are most expensive. In Florida, the summer months (May-August/September) are the most affordable, as most people prefer not to get married in the Florida summer. Fall, winter, and early spring months (October-March) are more expensive, as they are the most popular for obvious reasons!

If you’re trying to make your budget stretch as far as possible, you may find that picking an indoor venue during one of the hotter months can cut your venue costs down significantly!


Well, there you go! Those are my top tips for picking your wedding date. Whichever date you choose, I would be honored to help you along your wedding planning journey however I can!

If you’re still confused on where to start planning from here, you can check out my other blog post on the 10 First Steps for Every Engaged Couple!

Happy planning!

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