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How to Plan Your Perfect Honeymoon

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October 5, 2020


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Hands down one of the most exciting parts of wedding planning is planning your honeymoon! Whether you’re looking for somewhere cozy and comfy, or a tropical oasis in the Caribbean, this guide will give you all the top tips to plan the best honeymoon ever!

1. Start Planning Early

Similar to planning your wedding, planning your honeymoon will most likely be more time consuming than you think! Starting your honeymoon plans early will give you more flexibility with location and room options, as depending on your honeymoon location, you may be arriving during busy season!

2. Plan it Together

You want your honeymoon to be equally as exciting for both of you! Splitting up planning tasks is going to keep you both involved, and get that excitement flowing from both of you! If you’re better at finding the best flight deals then leave that task to yourself, while your fiancé may be excited to make dinner reservations for a few of your nights! However you decide to split things up, involving your fiancé will make this feel more like a dream trip together, as it should be!

3. Keep it True to You

It’s easy to get sucked into the Instagram world and want to plan a trip just like your favorite influencer, but it’s important to ask yourself what you truly want! Some couples are excited about the idea of being cooped up together in a cabin during the snow, while others want to be sprawled on the beach, margarita in hand!

Don’t be afraid to go against the grain with your plans, I’ll talk about that next!

4. Think Outside the Box

While all inclusive resorts are probably one of the most common honeymoon choices (and for good reason!), it can be fun to think outside the box! This may mean perusing Airbnb for some less common options, or even taking a backpacking trip through Europe! Remember, if you’re not one to travel much, this trip may be your only opportunity to really try out something you’ve always wanted to try! 

*The image above is from Zion Wildflower‘s website.

5. Post on Social Media & Talk to Friends

While you don’t want to copy others, as I mentioned above, it isn’t a bad idea to ask your friends and family what they did for their honeymoon! Finding out what locations your friends did or did not like will be helpful in narrowing down your honeymoon options. 

Another great idea is to search Instagram hashtags such as “#honeymoon” or be more specific, such as “#beachhoneymoon”. Ask yourself which scenario you could picture you and your fiancé in!

6. Discuss Budget

While your honeymoon is incredibly important and exciting, you still most likely have a budget to consider! This is a good time to discuss with your family if any of them are planning to help out (some families include this in the wedding budget!). You may also consider asking guests to contribute to your honeymoon fund in lieu of giving you a wedding gift!

7. Do Your Research

Wherever you decide to honeymoon, be sure to do your research! I’ll never forget my dear friends who decided to honeymoon in the Middle East during Ramadan. You can imagine their shock when they quickly realized they wouldn’t be able to eat… for their WHOLE honeymoon! While the stories now make us laugh, they were not laughing as they scarfed down a loaf of bread in the privacy of their hotel room!

It’s important to be courteous of other cultures, and to simply do your due diligence when determining which time of year will be best to visit.

8. Consider Waiting

Going with my last point, it’s not a bad idea to consider waiting until a bit after your wedding to do your honeymoon! There are a few benefits to this.

  1. The excitement leading up to and after your wedding is a LOT, and it may leave you quite exhausted! Saving your honeymoon for a later date will allow you to extend some of that excitement and enjoy your wedding bliss again in the future!
  2. You may also consider postponing your honeymoon if you have lots of family coming from out of town! The days leading up to your wedding may be chaotic and you may not be able to spend as much time as you’d like with your out of town guests. Postponing your honeymoon could mean being able to throw a post-wedding brunch or get together with those long lost family members!
  3. Lastly, you may consider postponing your honeymoon if your destination is seasonal. Going with my example above, if your wedding is in April but you REALLY want to visit the Middle East, you’ll have to wait until after Ramadan to do so! Similarly, if you’re planning a tropical honeymoon in Nicaragua, you may not want to visit during the rainy months!

9. Create an Itinerary

Once you have your date and location decided, creating an itinerary will be helpful. While you don’t have to follow the itinerary to a T (in fact, I would recommend giving yourself the permission to modify it as needed!), you will appreciate not having to do research when you’re on your honeymoon! 

Some of the more exciting excursions of your honeymoon may need to be planned ahead of time (hello, skydiving, mountain climbing, and deep sea fishing!). Furthermore, having an idea of the best restaurants and sights to visit will save you from missing something you were excited about! Your honeymoon is sure to fly by, so do your research to ensure you get the most of it!

10. Plan a Honeymoon Photoshoot

You may not be thinking of photos since you will just be coming from your wedding where PLENTY of photos were taken. But planning a honeymoon photoshoot can be a blast! You may consider bringing a photographer along for a sailboat ride or another exciting excursion. 

These photos will serve as a forever reminder of the excitement post-wedding, and you may like the thought of having some more casual photos together!

11. Consider a Travel Agent or Planner

If the thought of planning all of this seems overwhelming, you may consider a planner! There are plenty of planners who specialize in honeymoons, one of my favorites is Jetset Christina!

Having a honeymoon planner will give you the freedom to relax as your dream vacation is planned for you. A planner will also have some great tips on top sights to see while you’re in the area, and they’ll be fully aware of anything important you should know about your destination (such as my Ramadan example above!)


I hope this guide left you feeling excited for and ready to plan your honeymoon! Don’t forget that this truly is one of the most exciting times in life, so even amidst the stress, remember to relax and enjoy the ride! At the end of it all, you’ll be snuggled up with your spouse in the most dreamy location you can imagine. How can you stress over a thought like that?!

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