Seth and I met at summer camp about 7 years ago and bonded over being a little bit weirder than the rest of our co-campers (and later on co-staff). He is about as quirky as it gets so when I heard about his new lady friend I knew she had to be something special. I’ve gotta admit, when I saw how pretty she really was I literally was like bruh… you really out did yourself this time lol.

Traveling to South Carolina to spend the weekend with them + shoot their wedding was a freaking blast. During their first look, Seth gave Paige a letter that he wrote to her shortly after they started dating. The letter was addressed to her as his future wife (OK TEARS!!) and I have to say even I was crying behind the lens. After the first look Seth went to help set up a few things and I sat in the bridal suite with Paige. I could tell she was down, I asked her if she wanted Seth. She responded with a resounding ‘YES!” and from that moment on her face was as bright as could be.

When I delivered this gallery, Paige responded “I always thought reception photos were overrated… But they turned out to be some of my favorites!” I can’t blame her, even just editing them I was laughing at how clearly you could see the personalities of each of their family members + friends + themselves! Grab your tissues and prepare to laugh, here are the highlights of their day, June 15, 2020.