family & maternity style guide

Here you'll find my top tips for making sure you and your loved ones look their best at your family photo session.

1. Pick a location

The location of your photos will be important to decide before you pick any outfits.

Almost all of my sessions are done on the beach as the white sands and soft sunsets create a beautiful, yet undistracting backdrop for your family. 

For beach sessions pastel blues, whites, and tans all pair nicely with the colors of the beach. Again, we want your family to be at the forefront of these images, so selecting muted colors allows for your family's beauty to shine through!

2. consider where your photos will be displayed

Thinking about the color scheme of the location your photos will be displayed will tie your decor together in a seemingly effortless way.

Will your photos be hanging in your foyer? Or perhaps in an album on your living room table?

3. Choose a color scheme
(and coordinate, don’t match!)

Select a color scheme and coordinate within that range. Some specific color palettes that I suggest are neutrals (white, tan, brown), greens, and blues.

An important note here is that it's always better to coordinate rather than match. It might be tempting for the ease of it to tell everyone to wear a white shirt and black pants, but trust me when I say coordinating within a color palette will look much more timeless and elevated.

4. wear muted colors

Bright colors might be distracting and take the focus away from your family and the connection between you that I so love to photograph.

That being said, these are your photos, so if you truly love bright colors, wear them!

No matter your color scheme, muted tones are ideal in photographs, as they display better in print and are more timeless.

5. wear subtle patterns & textures

Avoid patterns that are too big, too bold, or generally distracting. Some examples of textured and patterned fabrics that bring interest without being too distracting are lace, linen, chunky sweaters (only in the winter, of course!), velvet, suede, and corduroy!

Patterns and textures can add visual interest to your photos when done in moderation.

6. dress true to your family

If your child absolutely hates green, then don’t force them to wear it. Likewise, if you’re the kind of person who never wears dresses, don’t feel obligated to do so for photos!

You will always look back and remember not looking or feeling your best if you opt for something that isn't true to you!

While it’s easy to get excited about photos and trends you see online, it’s important to remember these photos are about capturing your family as their best, realest selves.

bonus tips for the men in your family

For the men in your family, khakis, chinos, or dress pants will be a great choice. 

For the adult men, I usually recommend long pants, while the kids in the family can get away with shorts without being too casual. That being said, if you're wearing a classy pair of shorts with a belt like the example on the right, then shorts are just fine. Avoid wearing cargo shorts!

For shirts, long or short sleeve button ups, or even a sweater (depending on the time of year) will look nicely put together. If it's a really hot day I would recommend the guys wear an under shirt and/or bring an extra shirt in case of sweat!

bonus tips for the women in your family

I always recommend dresses or skirts for the ladies if that’s your style. They look beautiful in photos, are comfortable, and are easy to style. Long dresses are ideal especially in the case of wind.

If any of the little ladies in your family wear a dress, I would recommend a pair of bloomers to avoid any diaper slips!

For tops, opt for a nice blouse that fits will and compliments your shape. If you have certain areas that you are self conscious about, dress in a way that will make you most comfortable in photos and don't hesitate to let me know about these insecurities so I can do my best to capture the features you love most.

I can't wait to meet you & your family!

Thanks for reading!

I hope you found these style tips helpful as you plan for your family photography session.

If you have any additional questions or would like to book your family session, you can contact me here or send me a note directly to